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Rocelco offers a perfect set of sit-stand solutions for the budget-conscious user.  They may not have the features of some other models, but they are efficient and effective at solving the real problem facing most workers - EXCESS SITTING!

Grab your Rocelco ADR or Rocelco DADR today, and add some energy to your office!

$600.00 $499.00
SAVE $101.00

Rocelco DADR - Deluxe Adjustable Desk Riser

$129.00 $99.00
SAVE $30.00

Rocelco Medium Anti-Fatigue Mat

$349.99 $249.99
SAVE $100.00

Rocelco Sit To Stand Adjustable Desk Riser

$549.99 $449.99
SAVE $100.00

Rocelco Ergonomic Floating Desk

$699.99 $299.00
SAVE $400.99

Rocelco Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Riser

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