Atdec A-STSFB Freestanding Sit-to-Stand Workstation

by Atdec
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The Atdec sit-to-stand workstation is a quick and easy way to convert any traditional desk into a height adjustable one. Available as a desk clamp (A-STSCB) attachment or as a freestanding model (A-STSFB), the unit is remarkably sturdy and designed to support a total load capacity of 28.6lbs. Compatible with all VISIDEC™ Focus and SYSTEMA™ monitor mounts (within the 28.6lbs capacity, including monitors and other accessories). Sit-to-stand workstations decrease the stresses on the body that are associated with the traditional office space. By alternating between sitting and standing throughout the work day points of pressure can be spread evenly around the body, minimizing the chances of developing office place injuries.


  • Quickly and easily turns any desktop into a sit-to-stand workstation
  • Adjustable gas-strut assistance for smooth height re-positioning
  • Integrated keyboard and mouse tray with a soft padding for comfort: 23.6”x 9.6”
  • Available in a desk clamp model (A-STSCB) or as a freestanding unit (A-STSFB)
  • The Freestanding model can be placed anywhere on the desk surface and moved around easily
  • When adjusted to a seated position keyboard can lowered below the level of the desk for enhanced versatility
  • Rubber base protects desk surface from damage and enhances stability
  • Material: steel
  • All mounting hardware included