ErgoElements Electric Standing Desk Set Single Motor - 5ft

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The electric ergonomic standing desk base and tabletop set fits in directly with the Ergo Elements mission, “To create active office equipment to match active lifestyles”. Select the best tabletop; size, color, and shape that best fits you and your work environment. This push button ergonomic electric standing desk complete set, comes with all the parts and pieces needed to change your life and to get standing today.

Complete set, adjustable height standing desk electric base and ergo finish desk tabletop.

Standing Desktop Design: 4’ (length) x 30” wide x 1” thick. Ergo contour crescent shape with ergo edge design.
Frame: Adjustable height from 27" (min height) to 45" (max height).
Controller: Electric controller with up & down pushbutton controls. 
Compatibility: Desktop comes with pre-installed stainless steel hardware, making for easy and precise installation to ergo base. standing-desk-up-down-push-button-controller.jpg







Ergo Elements desk tabletops are manufactured by utilizing a new an innovative process called ultraviolet instantaneous curing. This exterior construction process results in a highly durable finish with superior wear characteristics. Not to mention, an amazing looking (sleek), feeling (micro textured), and functioning (durable) finish.




Ergo Elements desktops are constructed with 100% recycled wood content. Our tabletops are VOC and PVC free, as well as free from solvents and HAP (hazardous air pollutants). In addition, all Ergo Elements desk tabletops are SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) certified MDF and CARB (California Air Resources Board) phase I and II compliant.




This standing desk is not a cheap one time use piece of furniture like those from big box stores. It doesn’t come with complicated stick figure assembly instructions that will take you 2 hours to assemble. All Ergo Elements standing desks are designed and built for easy assembly and complete compatibility. Ergo Elements desk tabletops come pre-drilled with stainless steel hardware inserts that match up directly to the Ergo Elements adjustable height standing desk bases. This makes for extremely easy both assembly and disassembly. Ever buy a cheap piece of furniture and then have to move? Disassembling or moving cheap furniture doesn’t work, due to their nails, wood screws, and cheap hardware that is involved. End your worries with Ergo Elements. Ergo Elements produces specially designed products that ensure stability and compatibility.