Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand Desk Converter

Save 28%

Ergotech’s One-Touch is an innovative electric powered monitor mounting sit-stand system that mounts directly to your existing desk!

The One-Touch is powered by an electric motor and provide the highest range of vertical travel on the market today at 20”. Compatible with both PC and iMac®, the One-Touch easily adjusts to your desired height giving you the ability to sit-stand throughout your work day. Enjoy the many benefits of sit-standing throughout your work day, and in no time you will be on your way to a healthier YOU.

    One Touch Free Stand Sit-Stand Workstation - INCLUDES

    • Dual monitor mounting hardware 
    • Monitors sit on top work-surface with no desk mounting required 
    • Electric powered up & down •
    • Free-standing (no desk mounting or clamping required) 
    • Installs in less than 10 minutes on existing desk 
    • Vertical Travel Range = 20” 
    • Custom height adjustment 
    • Holds any size single monitor or two 30” monitors 
    • Compatible with both PC & Apple iMac® 
    • Holds up to 100lbs of total weight