Ergotron Anthro Steve’s Station Advanced - Single 72

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This sleek single-surface radiology reading desk provides easy adjustability to keep you comfortable and productive all day long. The large worksurface is 36.5" (93 cm) deep so you have plenty of room, and it adjusts from 23" to 49" (58 to 124 cm) to reach the perfect height, whether sitting or standing. Monitor Easy Track holds all your diagnostic displays (up to 4+2 configuration) in a seamless array and moves them forward and back 10" (25 cm) to your preferred focal depth. This model’s surface is 72" wide (183 cm).

Adjust for maximum comfort

  • Set the height of the back monitor surface electrically
  • Extensive lift rage accommodates a wide range of needs

Seriously strong

  • Lifts up to 375 lbs (170.5 kg), so it can support all of your monitors and equipment
  • Integrate multiple monitors, CPUs, input devices and any project-specific items

Ultimate monitor control

  • Reduce eye strain with this table’s innovative Monitor Easy Track™
  • It slides your entire array of displays forward and backward 10" (25 cm) to reach your optimal focal depth
  • Can hold up to 6 displays in a single line while keeping them all aligned precisely

Protected connections

  • The lower cable ladder articulates as the table moves up and down
  • Cords won’t snag or get caught

No-hassle cable management

  • The cable trough makes cable management a breeze
  • The enclosure (4" x 10.5" / 20 x 27 cm) runs the full width of the table, and can be accessed by a hinged door that opens from the front or back

Designed for radiologists

  • Proven design after extensive beta testing by radiologists from hospitals, universities and clinics across the US
  • The design is tailored to radiologists' specific needs

Thoughtful features

  • The table’s fan keeps air moving around the displays to keep you refreshed, and twin LED lights illuminate the worksurface without washing out the displays
  • A pair of USB ports connect through the cable management system to provide access to your computer

Safety first

  • Built-in safety system stops the table’s motion when it detects any obstacle
  • Passes the most aggressive tip-test standards