Flexi spot F3 Series 27″ / 32″


FlexiSpot's compact sit-stand desktop workstations are elegant and easy to use, making them ideal for limited space or corner cubicles. They feature the same sturdiness as the original desktop, with a slimmed-down design that fits smaller workspaces. Height adjustment is easy, and height options are continuous rather than discrete so that you can place it where you want it instead of selecting between pre-chosen settings. The negative-tilting keyboard allows you to keep your wrists in a comfortable, neutral position. 


  • Super adjustable height: On a 28" desk, this workstation supports users up to 5'9" tall. On a 31" desk, people up to 6'1" tall will be able to work comfortably. 
  • Ergonomic design for chairs: the independent keyboard tray allows for a more comfortable, lower chair setting without lifting your arms uncomfortably high. 
  • Practically no assembly required: The only thing you need to do to assemble this sit/stand desk is to attach the removable keyboard. 
  • Weight capacity: 33 lbs
  • Height adjustment range: 6.5-16.7 inches
  • Construction materials: Steel & Fiberboard