Humanscale eFloat Electric Standing Desk - 24" Depth

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eFloat brings effortless operation to sit/stand desks. Users can easily find the ideal height for health and comfort at the press of a button. Available with a low-profile analog touchpad, or a digital memory touchpad that can store up to four custom positions, eFloat’s electric drive system is fast-moving and allows for noise-free height adjustment.

About eFloat

eFloat’s sturdy, expandable frame can hold up to 220 lbs. of weight (including the desk surface) and can be easily connected to ergonomic tools like keyboard trays and monitor arms. It is the smart choice for quickly evolving needs in the modern office.  


Safe and Spacious

eFloat arrives with a built-in safety sensor, a smart feature that stops the table from bumping into objects. The sensor will halt the table at the appropriate height for standing and seated use — and seated users can take advantage of generous under-desk space provided for legs, knees and feet.

Clean Lines

Accommodating multiple desktop sizes and shapes, eFloat boasts a clean and modern aesthetic that was designed to seamlessly blend into any home or office environment.

A Healthier Choice

The latest research says it’s important to strike a balance between sitting and standing throughout the day. eFloat gives users the ability to move more on their terms.

Design Story

The Humanscale Design Studio was determined to create an electric, height-adjustable desk that did not use a loud and distracting motor. The result is eFloat, a sit/stand table that makes changing postures virtually effortless — a testament to the Humanscale principles of superior performance, simple functionality and long-lasting, beautiful design.