Humanscale QuickStand Heavy Mount with Large Platform

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Humanscale QuickStand Heavy Mount with Large Platform, FreeStanding Base


Dynamic design allows QuickStand to clamp to any fixed-height work surface

Adjustable keyboard platform enables the work surface to move effortlessly to the user’s desired height

Stable build provides reliability to the user

Elegant, clean aesthetic complements any designed environment


Designed with a large platform that seamlessly blends into your work surface

Fully integrated cable management

Two USB outlets for keyboard/mouse

180° landscape to portrait monitor display rotation

18” (460 mm) platform height adjustment

5” (127 mm) single/dual monitor display adjustment

Work surface clamp has 6” (150 mm) of horizontal adjustment for a 30” (800 mm) up to 36” (900 mm) deep surface

Work surface clamp attaches to the back edge of a ½” (13 mm) up to 2 ¾” (70 mm) thick surface


QS - QuickStand

W - White with Gray Trim

H - Heavy Mount 30 - Large Platform

F - Freestanding Base

D - DVI-D Cable Set (left)

N - No Cables (right)


Humanscale products are designed with a constant and genuine focus on their environmental impact at every stage of their development. For us, the best designs in the world achieve more with less, and sustainability is the natural result of this focus. QuickStand, like many of our products, is built with highly recyclable aluminum parts.