InMovement Treadmill Desk

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InMovement Treadmill Desk

Work matters... but so does your health! According to the latest science, Non-Exercise Activity might be one of the most important factors in overall health.  So break away from that desk and get those legs moving!

The InMovement TreadMill Desk leverages nearly five decades of biomechanics excellence from the industry-leaders at Life FitnessBlending simple movement into the workday increases productivity, boosts metabolism and encourages healthy behavior - while preventing the risks of prolonged sitting. Designed to complement the workplace in form and function, the InMovement Treadmill Desk is equipped with a silent motor, speeds that are optimal for walking while working, and a sturdy design ideal for community or individual use. 

    • Built in Connectivity -The connectivity panel makes it easy to power any device (with AC power, USB and an Ethernet ports)
    • Ultra Quiet - Equipped with a special Silent Motor, so you don't disturb your colleagues
    • Track your progress - Includes LCD Display Result Tracker to monitor speed, walking duration, steps taken and miles walked
    • Personalized Height Adjustment With the simple push of a button accommodates users from 4’10” to 6’6”
    • Shock Absorption The Life Fitness FlexDeck® Shock Absorption System reduces impact to the joints by nearly 30%


  • User Height Range:              4'10" - 6'6"
  • Integrated LCD Display:       2.5" x 1.8"
  • Work Surface:                       31.4" x 40.0"
  • Walking Surface:                  48" x 20"
  • Max User Weight:                 350 lb (159 kg)
  • Built in Monitor Mount:         No
  • Electricity Required:              Yes
  • Warranty:                               Frame: 7 yrs | Motor & Parts: 3 yrs |Labor:1yr