Innovative 7020 – Under-Table Long Reach Monitor Mount

Save 43%

No need for table-top kiosks and touchscreens to occupy valuable table space. Save space with Innovative’s 7020 under-table monitor mount. The long-reach 7020 monitor arm enables the screen to quickly be moved to a comfortable viewing height and angle, and then stows when not in use. The longer arm and ergonomic design perfectly accommodates users of various heights.

  • Monitor arm mounts from the underside of the table or counter.
  • Mount features intuitive, effortless monitor movement.
  • Easily rotates 360 degrees at two joints.
  • Tilt screen up to 200 degrees.
  • Arm mount offers vertical adjustment range of 13.5″.
  • Arm extends up to 13.3″.
  • Conveniently tuck out of the way when monitor is note in use.
  • Cable management keeps cables out of view.
  • Arm mount supports a 7 – 18 lbs monitor