Innovative Bild 2 Over 2 Monitor Mount

Save 31%

The Bild® 2 over 2 quad monitor mount suspends four monitors above your work surface in two rows. Monitors can be positioned flat or on an angle and tilted up to 200 degrees. This highly adjustable quad monitor setup enables easy installation and replacement of monitors.

  • The Bild® 2 over 2 quad monitor mount offers a robust, solid construction with a clean design aesthetic.
  • With the Bild® 2 over 2 quad monitor mount, there’s no need to slide monitors to remove and replace them. Simply attach, adjust, and remove all at the face of the beam.
  • This multi-monitor stand comes with adjustment tools that store in the beam end cap. Just loosen and tighten pivot points to the desired rigidity.
  • Keep unslightly cables hidden with the Bild® 2 over 2 monitor mount, which features cable clips in the column for keeping cables organized and out of the way.
  • Bild® 2 over 2 quad monitor mount has several mounting options available: static column, height adjustable column, pole and rail mounting.
  • For optimal positioning flexibility and comfort, this multi-monitor mounting solution offers an optional height adjust column that adjusts the height of your monitors by 10 inches with the push of the button.
  • The Bild® 2 over 2 quad monitor stand is comprised of 99% recyclable content.
  • Like all Bild® multi-monitor mounts, Bild® 2 over 2 is assembled in the USA.
  • VESA-monitor compatible – 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters included.
  • Supports up to 30 lbs per monitor