Steppie Soft Top

by Victor
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Steppie Soft Top

Maximize the health benefits of standing with the Steppie Soft Top. The Soft Top is the perfect accessory to the Steppie Balance Board. Lack of movement while standing on a hard, flat floor causes pain and tension throughout your body. The Soft Top triggers subconscious movement and helps to stimulate and activate your body to alleviate this pain and tension. It takes the concept of an anti-fatigue mat to the next level with hollow bubbles that were designed in accordance with reflexology principles. While standing on the bubbles your feet will receive positive feedback, which in turn helps improve circulation throughout the whole body. Designed to have the same shape as the Steppie Balance Board, the Soft Top can be placed on top of the balance board with clips to create a dynamic standing experience, or the Soft Top can be used alone. Other benefits of a reflexology mat are nerve stimulation, increased metabolism and energy, and relaxation. The Soft Top is a simple and natural way to massage your feet and takes pressure off your body. To get the most out of your Soft Top mat, it is recommended that you use it without shoes or barefoot. 

  • Reflexology mat that provides the body with constant movement and helps improve circulation while standing 
  • Increases energy and metabolism

  • Helps to relax muscles and relieve the body of pain and tension

  • Using Steppie Soft Top with Steppie Balance Board (ST570) combines the active movement to your entire body with a soft and pleasant comfort for your feet

  • Portable and lightweight – can be taken anywhere

  • Clips included for use with Steppie Balance Board (ST570)

  • Suggested use: without shoes / barefoot
Size (in.) 22.125 W X 14.25 L
Weight (lbs.) 1.5
Color Gray
Material PU Plastic
Surface Soft hollow bubbles; Non-Slip
Clips included for use with Steppie Balance Board Yes
Suggested Use Without shoes / barefoot
Warranty 3 Year Limited