Versatable Sit to Stand Desk

  • Elevates from 25"-50" (28"-53" with wheels)
  • Made with exclusive interactive whiteboard surface
  • Energy efficient and plugs into a regular wall outlet
  • Programmable dash that allows 32 different heights
  • Under desk management to keep cords off floor and mess out of site
  • Clean and sleek design, suitable for most environments


Versatable Sit to Stand Desk

Programmable soft touch dashboard for height adjustment up to 50", with the ability to program up to 32 different heights in digital display.

Unique whiteboard surface not only allows you to use dry erase markers for notes and brainstorming, but also makes cleaning easy.

Triple grommet holes for easy monitor mounting and cable management.

Under desk management to keep pesky cords tucked away, paired with a modesty panel for extra privacy to 
the user.

Adjustable height table elevates from 25" - 50" or 28"- 53" with wheels at the touch of a button. Our electric lift works quickly and seamlessly to the height for your comfort. Made with our exclusive whiteboard surface that works with your own regular dry erase makers enabling you to brainstorm and take notes like never before.

Running on a mere 12 volts of power, our advanced patent electromagnetic liner actuator system is the most energy efficient design available. This delivers a smooth vertical force of 1334 newtons or 300 lbs.

The programmable dash board allows you to choose from 32 programmable different heights. At any time of the day, you can switch to your ideal height for comfort.

The deluxe standing desk has a unique cable management system within the monitor racks and table top. The monitor racks have built in cable holes within the rods, keeping cables out of sight. Three desktop grommet holes provide excellent cable management. Keep your desktop looking clean and professional by sliding your cables through the holes to hide the tangle of cables. The under-desk cable management compartment keeps the cords off the floor. Even when you lift and lower you desk, your cables are never pulled or stretched. Everything stays nearly in place and organized. Standing desks have never been so easy and useful, made better with our sleek design, cable management and unique whiteboard surface.

Product Future

  • The ORIGINAL electric powered lift on the market! Why pay more for a manual?
  • Elevates up to 20" with the push of a button
  • Lifts up to 80 lbs with our powerful motors
  • Comes with 3 grommet holes so you can attach optional monitor mounts
  • Available in four sizes: 30", 36", 40", and 48"
  • Choose from four surface colors: White, Gray, Maple, or Black